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IMRI People

  • Creativity
    Creativity is the act of turning new and
    imaginative ideas into reality.
    Creativity is characterized by the ability
    to perceive the world in new ways, to
    find hidden patterns, to make
    connections between seemingly
    unrelated phenomena, and to
    generate solutions.
  • Challenge
    Something that needs great mental
    or physical effort in order to be done
    successfully and therefore tests
    aperson's ability. A call to someone
    to participate in a competitive
    situation or fight to decide who is
    superior in terms of ability
    or strength.
  • Passion
    Passion is a feeling of intense
    enthusiasm towards or compelling
    desire for someone or something.
    Passion can range from eager interest
    in or admiration for an idea, proposal,
    or cause; to enthusiastic enjoyment of
    an interest or activity; to strong
    attraction, excitement, or
    emotion towards a person.