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We make an effort to improve employee’s quality of life
by several welfare system.

We will do our best to attain personal happiness and the growth of the company together based on work-life balance.
  • 4 Major social insurance
    4 Major social insurance
    National pension, National health insurance, Employment insurance, Workers' compensation insurance
  • Health care
    Health care
    Full medical examination, Group personal accident insurance, Overseas insurance, Sports and leisure activities support, Sports event
  • Family life support
    Family life support
    Family allowance, Children'seducationalexpenses, Congratulations and condolences program, Gift for birthday, graduation, wedding anniversary, childbirth
  • Work support program
    Work support program
    Free cafeteria, Working uniform, Reward for long-term employed persons and long-term business trip
  • Leisure support program
    Leisure support program
    Annual leave, Cultural events